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Major changes to this year’s scouting combine: Here’s what to expect

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For the first time in a very long time changes are coming to the NFL scouting combine. The NFL has decided to give the combine a complete makeover, with changes to the time of the event, the on-field workouts, and even the prospect interview process.

Here is a detailed look at each change:

On-field workouts in primetime

Of all the changes, the one you’ve most likely heard about already is the time of the event. Hoping to reach a larger audience, the NFL has decided to move the on-field workout portion of the combine to primetime.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s workouts will run from 4-11 pm ET. Sunday, which is the final day of workouts, will begin at 2 pm ET and finish up at 7 pm ET.

Prospect interviews reduced to 45

One of the more overlooked aspects of the combine by fans are the prospect interviews that teams are allowed to conduct in Indianapolis. The combine is a great opportunity for teams to meet with a high volume of players in a short period of time.

Due to the schedule changes, coaches, GM’s, and other team personnel are having their quota for player interviews decreased from the traditional 60 to 45, with the time allotted for each interview subsequently increased.

16 new drills

This year’s combine will introduce 16 new position specific drills, and 10 tests have been eliminated with the changes. The position group that will see the biggest difference to their program is the defensive backs.

Here is a list of each new drill by position:

  • Quarterback

End zone fade routes added to routes thrown, timed smoke/now route drill

  • Running backs

Duce Staley drill, Inside routes with change of direction added to routes run

  • Wide receiver/Tight end

End zone fade route

  • Offensive line

New mirror drill, new screen drill

  • Defensive line

Run and club drill, run the hoop drill

  • Linebackers

Shuffle, sprint, change of direction drill; short zone breaks drill

  • Defensive backs

Line drill, Teryl Austin drill, box drill, gauntlet drill