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Silver Mining 2/8: Shanahan says there wasn’t a single play call he’d change in Super Bowl LIV if he could do it over

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NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

The Spun: Teams Could ‘Check In’ On Derek Carr’s Trade Price At NFL Combine

I wonder if Vic got blocked by the entire Carr family on social media.

Raiders Wire: Raiders RB Josh Jacobs listed as PFF’s 99th-best player during 2019 season

I’ll take 99th out of a possible 1696 players.

Sports Illustrated: 2020 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Finally, a trade everyone can get behind.

AFC West

Arrowhead Pride: One-third of NFL fans believe the Chiefs are the “next dynasty”

I don’t understand which people they are polling to get these results.

Bolts From the Blue: Several good reasons why the Chargers should trade down

I mean it makes sense if somehow Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are gone by six.

Mile High Report: What will the Broncos secondary look like in 2020?

Hopefully struggling to cover Hunter Renfrow, Tyrell Williams, and. . . . CeeDee Lamb? Anybody? Anybody?

NFL News

Niners Nation: Shanahan said there wasn’t one play call he’d change in Super Bowl LIV if he could do it over

I wore my Raiders starter jacket the day after the Super Bowl to work. I have three to four co-workers who still aren’t talking to me. Dang, dang Niner gang!

Pats Pulpit: Amari Cooper would give the Patriots an elite talent at the wide receiver position

I would love this just for the comments and watching his level of play during very important games.

Canal St. Chronicles: Why the Saints should sign WR A.J. Green

I want someone to explain to me why a player that’s missed as much time as him with his injuries, is the missing piece for every team.