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Two more trade up targets for the Raiders

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Two more trade up targets for the Raiders

We previously looked at a scenario where the Raiders could potentially trade up to the No. 4 pick in a trade with the New York Giants, who are open to dealing the pick. Our proposed target for the Raiders was Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown.

However, Brown isn’t the only worthy defensive player who may be worth the Raiders’ investment in a move up. Let’s look at two more players who could help the transition to Las Vegas translate into success:

Isaiah Simmons, linebacker, Clemson

Why he would help the Raiders: We all know how much Las Vegas general manager Mike Mayock loves Clemson players. He drafted three last year and Mayock would probably love to get his hands on Simmons. He is a dynamic outside linebacker. He can play safety as well, but Simmons’ biggest strength is as a playmaking linebacker. The Raiders’ badly need a playmaker in the middle of the field. Pairing Simmons and second-year pass-rusher Maxx Crosby could set the tone for the defense for the long haul.

Trade range: 5-10. But it’s probably closer to the 5th pick than the 10th pick. If we get to the seventh pick and Simmons is still there and the Raiders want to move up, they better start thinking of making a move.

The cost: Probably the No. 12 pick and their first of three third round picks. At that cost, I’d make that move in a hot second. That’s the beauty of having two first-round picks and three third-round picks.

Javon Kinlaw, defensive tackle, South Carolina

Why he would help the Raiders: Kinlaw has been a fast riser in draft circles. He was impressive at the combine and some in the scouting circles think he can be a top-five pick. Because there could be there quarterbacks drafted in the top six picks, Kinlaw may go closer to the No. 10 pick. He would be dynamic in the middle of Oakland’s defense as Brown would. Kinlaw would go a long way to fixing the Raiders’ defense.

Trade range: Not too different than Simmons’ range.

The cost: If Kinlaw does get down to the 9-10 range, perhaps the Raiders could offer the No. 19 pick and the top third-round pick.