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Trent Brown shows you how train like an offensive tackle with new virtual workout app

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Workout with the pros in a digital bootcamp

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders
Trent Brown
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You ever want to train with the big boys? Now is your chance.

Raiders’ star right tackle Trent Brown has joined forces with Ladder, a new one-on-one personal training app.

Along with longtime personnel trainer Jeremy Hillis, who works with several NFL players, they are launching “Off Season,” a limited time digital fitness bootcamp designed to help athletes at every level to reach their fitness potential. The Austin-based company is offering an intense four-week training program delivered by the Ladder app.

The program begins Monday and Hillis said there is limited space, so if you’re worried about training in a crowded gym during the coronavirus outbreak then now’s your chance to get on the virtual workout bandwagon.

Along with Brown, a number of high-profile athletes are participating including Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas.

With the app, people will get the chance to do high-level workouts with the athletes. Hillis said no matter the level of fitness people are at, they will be able to work along with the pros.

The massive 6-foot-8, 380-pound Brown (who’s reportedly the heaviest player in the NFL) was intrigued by having fans improve themselves physically by working out along with him. He said it’s always a good opportunity to allow fans an inside feel to an athlete’s approach to their work in the offseason.

“I thought this was a really cool opportunity for fans,” Brown told us in a phone interview Friday. “It gives people a chance to get their dream body and to workout with their favorite athletes.”

Hillis said part of his inspiration for the app was that fans always react enthusiastically to social media posts of high-level athletes working out. He said fans are often amazed by the incredible, intense work athletes do on their own. This app bootcamp now gives weekend-warrior athletes the chance to get sweaty with their favorite athletes.

“Now, they have a chance to do it themselves,” Hillis said.