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Aldon Smith reportedly trying to get back into the NFL

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Former star pass rusher hasn’t played since 2015

Minnesota Vikings v Oakland Raiders
Aldon Smith
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Former Raiders’ pass rusher Aldon Smith is reportedly in the process of applying for reinstatement to the NFL.

Smith hasn’t played in the NFL since November 2015 when he was suspended as a Raider and could not get reinstated afterwards due to off-field issues. The Raiders signed Smith the following offseason even though he was still suspended out of a sign of support, but eventually had to release him.

Smith played nine games with the Raiders, and had 3.5 sacks for them in 2015.

If Smith, 30, wants to get back into the league, could the Raiders be a landing spot?

I’d have my doubts. Nearly everyone who championed him is no longer with the organization. Plus, he is going to be five years removed from playing and will be 31 in September.

I’m just not sure it would be worthwhile for the Raiders. Also, in all seriousness, Las Vegas may not be the best setting for a player who had had substance abuse issues like Smith.

I’m rooting for Smith and happy to hear he is clean and sober. We will see if the NFL gives him another chance.