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Quick thoughts on Marcus Mariota agreeing to terms with Raiders

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Breaking down what Mariota addition means for big picture

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Marcus Mariota
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Over a week ago, when the Marcus Mariota talk was just a rumor, I broke it down. I liked the idea. Now, that Mariota is, indeed, going to be a Las Vegas Raider, let’s look at a few aspects:

Probably means Carr is back, but not completely:
The idea that Mariota will back up Derek Carr and potentially push him if Carr falters makes sense and it’s probably going to be the Raiders’ approach. They got a high-level backup and that will likely be what happens. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Raiders won’t find a new starter to replace Carr. I’m not saying that will happen. But signing a backup doesn’t mean much for the starting job.

Take Mayock draft love with a grain of salt:
It’s been mentioned a lot that Raiders’ general manager had Mariota as his No. 1 ranked quarterback in the 2015 draft when Mayock worked for the NFL Network. Well, that’s not a big stretch. Mariota was the No. 2 overall draft pick behind fellow quarterback Jameis Winston. Mariota was probably the No.1 quarterback on many teams’ boards.

They could still draft a quarterback early:
There has been a lot of rumors that the Raiders could use an early pick on Utah State quarterback Jordan Love or Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts. I don’t think the Mariota signing necessarily cancels that possibility.