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With Tom Brady and Cam Newton on the market, we’ll soon find out what Raiders think about Derek Carr

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Months of speculation should soon come to head

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Derek Carr
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Tuesday provided one of the most dramatic moments in offseason quarterback news in NFL history.

After a late Monday night meeting with New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, Tom Brady made an early Tuesday morning announcement that he is leaving the Patriots in free agency. Hours later, the Carolina Panthers announced they are going to trade Cam Newton.


Holy smokes.

As they are working remotely, like the rest of us these days, Raiders’ power brokers Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock surely took note to these morning bombshells.

The Raiders have been speculated as potential pursuers of both Brady and Newton all offseason. Now, that both Brady and Newton are on the definitely move, the talk is persisting.


All this madness leads us to Derek Carr.

We will soon find out exactly where he stands with the Raiders.

If the Raiders make a big pitch to Brady or if they try to trade for Newton, it will mean, yes, indeed, they are wanting to walk away from Carr.

Remember, both Gruden and Mayock have often said they will look to upgrade every position. If they think Brady, who will be 43 in August, and Newton, who is coming off a serious shoulder injury, are upgrades, they will pursue.

The scary thing for me is, if they do think a 43-year-old Brady and a mending Newton are upgrades, that’s pretty telling.

It’s been a long, tiring saga this offseason for Raiders fans. Tuesday’s bombshells indicate, we will, finally, get our Carr answer one way or another.