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What big names can the Raiders still add?

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Could Chris Harris and Robbie Anderson be signed by Las Vegas next?

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Chris Harris
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Free agency doesn’t even start until Wednesday and the Raiders have been spending money like they’re moving to Las Vegas.

The Raiders have agreed to terms with seven players. They entered free agency with more than $55 million and likely have around $15-20 million to spend. But they can still make some room if need be.

The Raiders have added linebackers Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkowski, defensive tackle Maliek Collins, tight end Jason Witten, safety Jeff Heath, defensive end Carl Nassib and backup quarterback Marcus Mariota a wild first two days of free agency. They’ve spent plenty but they can also spend more.

Who should they target?

They’ve tried to add at both cornerback and at safety and they need receivers.

As far as the big-ticket free agents go (the market is moving quickly and will dry quickly).

As far as positional fits, the two biggest name potential free agent signings by the Raiders are Denver cornerback Chris Harris and New York Jets receiver Robby Anderson. They have both been connected to the Raiders in recent days.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets
Robby Anderson
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Harris and Anderson both won’t be cheap, but they’d both fill need areas.

That’s not to say, the Raiders won’t add other free agents. Surely, they will, but Harris and Anderson are simply two of the bigger names in free agency that fit the Raiders.