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Antonio Brown may be a reason why Tom Brady didn’t come to the Raiders

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Brady-Brown combo deal wouldn’t work in Las Vegas

New England Patriots Practice
Tom Brady, Antonio Brown
Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Did Antonio Brown actually do a favor for the Raider Nation?

Hold on, before you start that special chant, and check this out:


It is clear most Raiders’ fans didn’t want Brady to don the Silver and Black whether it’s because of the never-dying memory of the Tuck Rule game, his age or the belief Derek Carr is better at this point (I believe that).

But there were reports as of Tuesday morning that the Raiders were in on Brady.

Clearly, Brady had a list of demands to teams. If the NFL Network’s report is true, the Brown demand had to be a non-starter for the Raiders.

There is no way the Raiders would ever bring back Brown. They couldn’t. The damage is irreparable.

Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock made it clear at the combine that Brown wouldn’t be a Raider again.

So, if that derailed the Brady-to-Vegas train, well, that’s sweet justice for you, isn’t it?