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Will Raiders be at a draft disadvantage?

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NFL teams are not happy about current draft dates

NFL: Cleveland Browns-2021 NFL Draft Press Conference
NFL draft
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ESPN reports that general managers across the NFL have appealed to the league to try to get the draft to be delayed from next month because of the coronavirus crisis.

Yet, the NFL has decided to stay with its original schedule. Therefore, the draft is still set to proceed April 23-25, while plans for the Raiders to host the draft in Las Vegas was scuttled last week. It will be held from a studio and will still be broadcast on television, with Las Vegas hosting the draft in a future year.

However, teams are unhappy that the draft will not be delayed because they won’t be able to do their usual pre-draft due diligence such as medical testing with players because of the sheltering going on across the country.

While those issues will affect all teams, some states are impacted more than others, and there is a sense around the league that the Raiders could be among the teams that are further disadvantaged.

All NFL buildings are closed until, at least, April 8. There is a chance some teams in areas less affected than in California and New York could get into their buildings before the draft.

Thus, California and New York teams could be working remotely and with key draft personnel away from each other instead of in the normal “war room” during the draft. While the Raiders are now a Las Vegas team, their facility in Henderson, Nevada, isn’t ready and the plan was always to run the draft of the building in Alameda, California.

While everything is fluid with this crisis, draft preparations are another issue facing NFL teams.

Meanwhile, the Raiders are one of the teams around the league that are holding off on asking for season-ticket money because of the economic impact people are feeling around the country due to the coronavirus crisis.