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Hunter Renfrow doesn’t drop the ball on social media

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Young receiver takes the high road on Twitter

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Hunter Renfrow
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Take your critics with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

That’s the approach young Raiders’ wide receiver Hunter Renfrow took on Twitter on Thursday.

Here’s a good find by our friend, Cyril Penn.

Yes, Renfrow, who is entering his second season with the Raiders, indeed was among those who hit the “like” button on the tweet showing him dropping several passes as a rookie.

It began when NFL analyst Cian Fahey tweeted this after the Raiders signed Nelson Agholor:

Apparently, Fahey got a lot of blowback from fans saying Renfrow didn’t have a drop problem. So, Fahey went to the tape.

Renfrow saw it and was clearly amused.

My thoughts?

Good for Renfrow. Face criticism head on. Who cares?

Renfrow knows he needs to improve in this area and he surely will. The fifth-round pick from Clemson showed steady improvement last season ended up with 49 receptions.

I expect him to take big strides in his second season. And, clearly, he is keeping his focus.