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DraftKings Nation odds: Raiders 10-1 to win AFC West

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Super Bowl champion Kansas City heavy division favorite

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Trayvon Mullen
Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

On Wednesday, we looked at’s post-free agency NFL power rankings.

The Raiders were ranked No. 21, second in the AFC West. Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs are ranked No. 1, the Chargers are ranked No. 24 and the Broncos are ranked No. 25.

To help further understand how the football world looks at the Raiders’ place in the AFC West, we present our DraftKings Nation AFC West odds to win the division.

The Raiders are +1000 to win the AFC West. That means they are 10-1 to win the division.

The Chiefs are -455 to win the division, so they are a huge favorite. The Broncos are 9-1 and the Chargers are 10-1 with the Raiders.

The power rankings and the DraftKings Nation odds show there is a perceived big difference between the Chiefs and the rest of the AFC West.

I’m never one to suggest to folks how to spend their money, but confident Raiders fans (you now who you are) have a chance to score big if they bet Las Vegas at 10-1 to win the West.