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Raiders rumored to be interested in Jordan Love

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Rookie QB talk is heating up, starting with Utah State

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Jordan Love
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Well, we made it through free agency and all the speculation about the Raiders signing a veteran starting quarterback.

Now, after adding Marcus Mariota as a high-paid backup to Derek Carr, the quarterback speculation is turning to the top of the draft.

Our Kenny Arthur just detailed the Raiders’ pre-draft FaceTime meeting with Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert.

While we digest the meaning of that, talk is heating up about the Raiders having interest in Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. said he is starting to think the Raiders may take Love at No. 12 if he’s available. Jordan is generally considered the fourth best quarterback available behind LSU’s Joe Burrow, Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa and Herbert. Still, there is no certainty Love would be available for the Raiders at No. 12 if they wanted to take him.

Kiper isn’t the only national draft expert making the Love-Raiders connection. So, is Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.

He quoted a scout who knows Jon Gruden as saying this:

What should we make of all this quarterback draft talk?

I think it just goes with the Gruden territory. People are going to say and write that Gruden wants to find a Carr replacement until it finally happens, whenever that may be

Do I think the Raiders will take a quarterback in the first round? No, I don’t, but I never say never. Anything is possible.

The fact that the Raiders are talking to Herbert may simply be due diligence or it may mean the Raiders are interested. Remember, the Raiders spent time with Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins last year before the draft.

Gruden and Raiders general manager Mike Mayock love quarterbacks. They are going to study them closely.

So, that’s why all of these rumors are persisting. It doesn’t mean they are actually going to draft Love or Herbert, though.