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The Raiders’ road to a second-round pick

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Examining ways Las Vegas can recoup a second rounder

Reese’s Senior Bowl
Mike Mayock
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The great news about the Raiders’ draft cache is that they have five picks in the first 91 picks. That’s tremendous.

But there is one hole ... Las Vegas doesn’t own a second-round pick. The No. 43 pick was sent to the Chicago Bears as part of the Khalil Mack trade.

If the Raiders want to get back into the second round, they can either make that trade prior with a first-round pick or do it during the second round using their third-round picks as trade bait.

If a team wanted to move up from the 20-25 range to No. 12, the Raiders would likely be able to get a second-round pick plus a late-round pick.

But it may be easier, and more appealing for Las Vegas, to move the No. 19 pick. Any team picking after No. 25 will likely be asked by the Raiders to give their second-round pick. So, will be worth it to the Raiders to move down from No. 19 and pick 27 and 59? That would likely be a deal completed on the clock where the Raiders would have to weigh what they think would be available later in the first round.

If the Raiders want to make a move in the second round, they will likely have to peddle a couple of their third-round picks. Las Vegas owns No. 80, No. 81 and No. 91 in the third round. The Raiders could probably offer No. 80 and No. 91 and get into the bottom 10 picks of the second round.

Would having No. 57 and No. 81 on the second day be better than their three third rounders?

It just might be. These are all exercises and scenarios the Raiders will be studying and considering during the next few weeks.