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NFL draft may come to Las Vegas in 2022

The flagship event was supposed to be held in Las Vegas next month

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Las Vegas NFL draft
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s historic entry into Las Vegas was supposed to kickoff with a grand NFL draft production only Sin City could produce.

But like so many events, the boat rides and waterworks had to be shelved because of the coronavirus crisis and the draft will now be held in a studio over the original dates of April 23-25.

Yet, while it won’t coincide with the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas this year, the gambling and entertainment mecca should get to host the event soon. An NFL official said Tuesday that Las Vegas is in consideration to host the 2022 draft.

The league said when the draft was scuttled earlier this month that Las Vegas would host in a future year. So, it makes sense for it to happen as early as possible. After all, all the logistics have been figured out, so the league might as well head back to Vegas ASAP.

The 2021 NFL draft is set to be in Cleveland and will be held in Kansas City in 2023. There had been rumors that Green Bay would host the draft in 2022, but nothing has been made official.

Also, the NFL made it official Tuesday that each conference will have a seven-team playoff, starting this season. That has been the plan for weeks and we’ve discussed it often.

So, the Raiders have an easier road to the postseason in their first season in Las Vegas, at least.