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Should Raiders monitor Yannick Ngakoue trade market?

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Jaguars are shopping standout pass rusher

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Oakland Raiders
Yannick Ngakoue, Derek Carr
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the NFL Network reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars could still trade standout pass-rusher Yannick Ngakoue

Someone, whether it’s Ngakoue or the Jaguars, wants to make sure other teams are interested as we sit 23 days before the trade. Exactly four weeks ago, I looked at the possibility of the Raiders pursuing Ngakoue.

We don’t need to repeat all the reasons why it would make sense. Here’s the bottom line: Ngakoue is a premier player who would make an impact on a defense the Raiders have worked hard to improve in free agency.

Adding Ngakoue to a 2020 shopping list that includes starters, defensive tackle Maliek Collins and linebackers Cory Littleton and Nick Kwiatkoski, would be a defense-transforming move for the Raiders.

But there would be costs. It is speculated here that a trade with Jacksonville would cost a first and second-round pick.

The Raiders don’t have a second-round pick, so if they wanted to make the deal they might have to offer a first-round pick (preferably No. 19 and not No. 12) plus two third-round picks (they have No. 80, 81 and 91) or next year’s second-round pick.

It’s a big price, but Ngakoue is a player entering his prime who has 37.5 sacks in four seasons. He’d make a great pair with second-year pass-rusher Maxx Crosby.

Sounds good, right? Draft picks are unknowns. Ngakoue is a sure thing.

But he would be tough to fit in on the salary-cap. Ngakoue wants a new deal. The Raiders are pressed against the cap. They would have to move some money around and perhaps give Ngakoue a new extension during the season if it is, indeed, an endeavor the Raiders would be interested in pursuing.