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Raiders show interest in Michigan linebacker Josh Uche

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Las Vegas reportedly talked to Wolverines’ pass rusher at the NFL combine

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland
Josh Uche
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

One draft name to keep an eye on for the Raiders is Michigan pass rusher Josh Uche.

Uche recently talked to USA Today’s Draft Wire and told them the Raiders are one of the teams that he has spoken to in the draft process. Uche indicated he talked to the Raiders at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

The Raiders’ interest in Uche make sense as he fits Mike Mayock’s draft profile. Uche is a productive player, who is a leader from a big program.

Uche, 6-foot-2 and 250 pounds, had 7.5 sacks as a senior and 7 sacks as a junior. He was one of the better third-down pass-rushers in the country last season. Check out this highlight reel:

The Raiders could use another young pass-rusher to develop. Some draft experts think Uche could go in the second round. The Raiders don’t have a second-round pick and they have three third-round picks.

So, perhaps he will be on their radar in the third round.

I’m not one to get too caught up in teams talking to players at the combine. That’s why everyone is there – to meet players. But Uche does seem to be a Mayock type, so let’s keep our eye on him during the draft process.