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Brian Baldinger gives full breakdown on Maxx Crosby

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The highlights match the stats

Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

In case you don’t already know, Brian Baldinger is a former NFL player who spent 1982-1993 as an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, then Indianapolis Colts, then Philadelphia Eagles. Baldinger never starred in the league but he worked his way up the Fox totem pole as a broadcaster until being replaced by John Lynch in 2009. And that roughly coincides with the creation of Twitter, which is where “Baldy” has really found a home.

Baldy does great video breakdowns of players during the season and offseason and on Monday he gave Las Vegas Raiders pass rusher Maxx Crosby the #BaldysBreakdowns treatment.

Some Baldy quote highlights:

“When Mad Maxx Crosby puts you in his grasp, you didn’t get out.”

“Played with his hair on fire.”

“Week 7. Still not in the starting lineup. Is that true???

“Blowing kisses — to the jungle.”

At 2:30, Baldinger points out the play that “caught (his) eye.” It’s not a sack, as you might expect, but a hustle play to get down the field and force a fumble against Colts receiver Parris Campbell.

Stats only paint part of a picture but clearly through some film, Baldinger is a fan of the Maxx Crosby on tape too.