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Raiders’ draft: Who do you want Las Vegas to stay away from?

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Is there a draft prospect that scares you?

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Trevon Diggs
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My colleague, Kyle Posey, had a nice idea on Niners Nations yesterday that I am swiping.

Kyle asked fans what player they want the 49ers to steer clear of in the first round.

So, let’s do the same exercise.

Here’s the reality — there are going to be a fair share of under performers from this draft. It happens every year. This year will be no different.

Listen to NFL draft expert and former NFL scout Matt Williamson (no relation, but he is a good buddy) on this draft. He thinks there are 16 sure first round picks. Most years, NFL teams have 18-22 players with first-round grades.

So, the only question is which prospects will flame out?

For me, I think quarterbacks Justin Herbert of Oregon and Jordan Love of Utah State are risky and may be over-drafted because there are always overdrafts at quarterbacks.

Positions like receiver, offensive tackle, defensive line and cornerback are also high bust position.

This is supposed to be a great receiver class, but some of these top picks are likely not going to pan out. I think Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III (Alabama) and CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma) are safe picks, but maybe receivers like Justin Jefferson (TCU) or Leviska Shenault Jr., (Colorado) are risky picks.

At cornerback, players like Damon Arnette (Ohio State) and Trevon Diggs (Alabama) could be players that give you pause.

What potential Raiders’ draft pick would you rather they stay away from. Let us know in the comment section.