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More reason to think the Raiders will trade down in the first round

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Mike Mayock has a preference for a certain range and right now has no picks in that area

Tennessee Titans v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

There was more fuel added to the fire that the Las Vegas Raiders may want to trade down or up in this month’s NFL Draft, though this kindling is a year old. Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune pointed out that Raiders general manager Mike Mayock has said in the past that he has an affinity for picks in the 20-60 range. And that Vegas doesn’t currently have a pick in the 20-60 range.

The Raiders hold picks 12 and 19 in the first round but don’t pick again until 80 and 81 in the third. As Bill Williamson wrote, Mayock could target a team like the Los Angeles Rams at 57 (via Brandin Cooks trade) and try to move up that way. Or as I noted last week, Albert Breer rumored that the Raiders are a team looking to move down in the first.

And if you’re Mayock looking to add as many picks as possible in the 20-60 range:

In his first draft with the team, Mayock selected Josh Jacobs at 24, Johnathan Abram at 27, and Trayvon Mullen at 40, giving him three prospects in this range. Looking at the Raiders’ draft needs for 2020 — particularly at wide receiver — we already know that this class is expected to be deep at certain positions. If Mayock does prefer players in the 20-60 range, he could certainly find a receiving prospect that would satisfy many fans looking to fill that need.

Last year, Mayock also held pick 35 and traded down twice, first moving down three spots with the Jacksonville Jaguars, then an additional two with the Buffalo Bills, essentially adding a fourth round pick.

On April 23, one of Mayock’s first round picks may be going down. At least that would be better than it being his WiFi.