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Can Raiders get a top receiver at No. 19 in the draft?

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It might be worth risk of bypassing WR at No. 12

NFL Combine - Day 3
CeeDee Lamb
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s been widely expected that if the Raiders want one of the top three receivers in the first round of the April 23 NFL draft, they will have to take one at No. 12.

But could the Raiders actually risk it and get either CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma or Jerry Jeudy or Henry Ruggs III of Alabama at No. 19 if they don’t take one of them at No. 12?

It’s not inconceivable. For the sake of this exercise, let’s say the Raiders takes Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson at No. 12 because they don’t think he will be available at No. 19, which is likely going to be true as he’s not expected to last past Atlanta at No. 16. After Jeff Okudah, who is expected to go in the top five and Henderson, the cornerback class takes a dip.

The key to this working is that Lamb, Jeudy and Ruggs are all available at No. 13 and none are taken in the top 11 picks. The likely biggest threats to take a receiver before the Raiders are the Arizona Cardinals (No. 8) and the New York Jets (No. 11).

In this scenario, the San Francisco 49ers will likely take a receiver at No 13. Denver, which is reportedly trying to move up to take a tackle, is also a serious candidate to take a receiver, at No. 15.

The third receiver could then fall to the Raiders.

The Falcons pick No. 16, the Cowboys pick No. 17 and the Dolphins pick No. 18. None of those teams are for sure in the receiver market — so the biggest threat could the Dolphins.

But, there is still a chance one of the top three receivers could be at No. 19 if the Raiders gamble and don’t take one at No. 12.