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Could CJ Henderson be gone before Raiders pick at No 12?

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Florida CB getting top 10 buzz

Florida v Missouri
C.J. Henderson

On Monday night, we looked at a scenario in which the Raiders could take Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson with their No. 12 pick, and then try to get one of the top receivers at No 19.

However, the latest rumor as the draft nears (the first round is in nine days) is that Henderson may not even be available when the Raiders have their first choice. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo is reporting that Henderson could go in the top 10.

One of the reasons why Henderson moving up is that the cornerback pool thins dramatically after top prospect, Jeff Okudah of Ohio State, and Henderson himself are off the board. Okudah is considered a top five pick.

Still, I would be surprised if Henderson is gone by the time the Raiders pick at No. 12 because the teams picking in the 8-11 range all could be candidates to take players at other spots, most notably at offensive tackle.

But it is interesting to consider that if the Raiders are zoning in on Henderson at No. 12, there is potential for him to be off the board.