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Derrick Brown is liking tweets that call him overrated and much worse

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The draft prospect seems to be loading up on motivation

NFL Combine - Day 5 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Every year some prospects end up hearing more and more criticism in leading up to the draft and suddenly, by nature of social media, everyone is parroting the same thing one person may have said weeks or months ago about said player. One such example in 2020 could be Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown, who in February I seem to remember was seen as a top-five level prospect. How rare would that be?

In the last decade, only Quinnen Williams, Marcell Dareus, Ndamukong Suh, and Gerald McCoy have gone in the top five of the NFL draft as defensive tackles.

But as next Thursday’s first round draws closer, Brown has appeared to potentially fall out of the top five and may not even be the first DT off the board as South Carolina’s Javon Kinlaw is being discussed as the superior pass rusher with the higher ceiling. Brown is instead thought of to be the “more polished” of the two and leaning way heavier on being a run-stopper than he is a pass rusher, with the latter being more valuable in today’s NFL. So if a defensive tackle could be projected in the top five but isn’t viewed as the next Aaron Donald, does he become “overrated”?

That’s been the case for many armchair fans on Twitter who’ve taken to social media to voice their concerns for some reason. And Derrick Brown doesn’t seem to be afraid to read them either. In fact, I noticed that he’s liked quite a few tweets that don’t have nice things to say about Derrick Brown.

These tweets were liked by Brown:

But he also liked this tweet, which imagines him with the Raiders:

And I officially got tired of listing all the Derrick Brown hate tweets that Derrick Brown liked on Twitter. There are many of them, which should give him plenty of motivation. Would you change your opinion of him at all knowing that he’s not afraid to face the criticism or does it make the criticism all the more real?