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Draft options for Raiders if they trade into second round

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Jalen Hurts and several D-linemen could be potential targets

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Jalen Hurts
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The draft is a week away and it’s repeatedly been reported that the Raiders want to move into the second round to fill the one big dearth in their draft cache.

Las Vegas has two picks in the first round and three picks in the third round, but don’t have a pick in the second round. (That pick was shipped to Chicago as part of the Khalil Mack trade.)

While he wouldn’t confirm he wants to trade into Round 2, GM Mike Mayock made it clear he likes picks in that range and was asked about it this week during a conference call with reporters.

“I do like picks 20 through 60,” Mayock said. “Could we move up to get one, could we move back to get one, between 20 and 60? Sure. Again, we’re running through every possible scenario that we could be looking at.

“We won’t know until draft night or day two or whatever. I think we’re always open to something that makes sense for the Raiders. Would I love to be 20 through 60, would we love to be 20 through 60? Sure. But we also love 12, 19, 80, 81, 91, 121 and 159. So, it’s all going to depend on what happens while we’re on the clock during the draft.”

Who could be potential targets if the Raiders get into the second round?

Well, of course, it depends on what they do in the first round. But here are some potential options: Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts, TCU defensive lineman Ross Blacklock, Auburn defensive lineman Marlon Davidson, Southern Illinois safety Jeremy Chinn, Alabama pass-rusher Terrell Lewis, Michigan pass-rusher Josh Uche and Texas A&M defensive lineman Justin Madibuike.

Of course, there are potential prospects that the Raiders could focus on in the second round, including receivers and cornerbacks depending on what happens in the first round.

The range of a potential second-round pick will also play a role in what players are targeted, but these are some potential players who could inspire a Raiders’ trade into the second round.