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Raiders’ draft: DraftKings positional odds

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Wide receiver is big favorite

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Jerry Jeudy
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We previously looked at the DraftKings odds of certain players landing with the Raiders.

That’s just one of the cool NFL draft prop bets that DraftKings offer. Another that I think will interest Raiders fans, whether you like to wager or not, is the DraftKings odds on what position the Raiders’ first pick will be here.

Let’s check out the odds from the lowest (most likely according to DraftKings) to the highest (least likely):

Wide receiver: -167

Cornerback: +300 (3-1)

Quarterback: 5-1

Linebacker: 8-1

Defensive lineman: 12-1

Offensive lineman: 12-1

Safety: 50-1

Running back: 100-1

Tight end:150-0

Specialist: 500-1

Also, the odds of the Raiders’ first pick being an offensive player is -200. The odds of Las Vegas’ first pick being a defensive player is +160. That makes sense because the receiver odds are so low.

Thoughts: Receiver is a heavy favorite here. That’s the right call. But 3-1 odds on cornerback is worthwhile bet. It’s very possible. I think the quarterback odds are way off. They’re way too low. The best long shot is safety. It’s unlikely, but at 50-1, why not take a shot.