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If Broncos move up for Jerry Jeudy, do Raiders lose out on picking one of top 3?

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Would Vegas be upset if Jeudy went to an AFC West rival instead of them?

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A year ago, Woody Paige of the The Gazette and Around the Horn predicted that the Denver Broncos may trade down from 10 and select tight end Noah Fant. The Pittsburgh Steelers ended up moving from to 20 to 10 for Devin Bush and the Broncos picked Fant at 20. That was on draft day, so Paige had a little more intel at the time, but still he has a new prediction:

The Denver Broncos want to move up to 8-10 range for Alabama receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs have all been long connected to the Raiders at picks 12 or 19 because of their obvious need for a receiver of note. The Broncos currently have a rising star in Courtland Sutton but may like a second high-end option for young quarterback Drew Lock.

On Thursday, I wrote about what it would take for all three receivers to be off the board before Vegas made their first pick and one such requirement was that the run on receivers starts around pick eight with the Arizona Cardinals. Even if the Cardinals don’t take a receiver, consider the possibility that Denver moves up from 15 and does it instead. Then you’ve got the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets on the board before the Raiders. The Jets stand out as a team that could pick a receiver. The Jaguars could do it too. The Browns are rumored to want to move down.

The Broncos have picks 15, 46, 77, 83, and 95 within the top 100 picks.