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What would it cost for Raiders to trade with 49ers, make back-to-back picks?

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San Francisco may want to trade down and Vegas has extra picks to play with

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders - November 12, 2006 Photo by Kirby Lee/NFLPhotoLibrary

The San Francisco 49ers hold two first round picks, 13 and 31, but lack second, third, and fourth round picks. There can be considerably good value in that range — 49ers GM John Lynch has drafted Deebo Samuel and Fred Warner in that area over the last two years alone — and so it is expected that they could be looking to trade down. One such team that has the ammunition to even talk a good deal without making a huge sacrifice is the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders may not feel any need to move up from pick 19, but should GM Mike Mayock feel strongly about two prospects when he’s on the board as 12, it is possible that he could just ensure that he selects them both. What would it cost?

According to the draft pick value chart, a trade in those circumstances would facilitate that the Raiders trade picks 19, 80, and 121 to move up to 13. But I would suggest that Mayock insist to give up pick 81 instead of 80 in order to ensure you’re not missing out on your ideal player with your first pick in the third round.

This cost is not insignificant — it is a third and a fourth round pick to move up 12 seven spots in the first round — but could there be a player that Jon Gruden and Mayock really covet besides a receiver? Could this guarantee that they select both their top-rated receiver and top-rated cornerback after (presumably) Jeffrey Okudah? Or maybe a quarterback that they’ve come to love?

It wouldn’t be surprising to see a lot of surprising things happen this Thursday. Mayock made no trades in the first round last year. Will he actually move up this year?