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Raiders’ ability to sign undrafted free agents may be compromised

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Raiders have most players under contract in NFL

NFL Combine - Day 1
Mike Mayock
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

A big part of NFL draft weekend happens after the draft when teams start signing undrafted free agents,

However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Raiders may not be able to fit many undrafted free agents.

With 79 players on the roster and seven current draft picks, the Raiders currently have room for just four undrafted free agents. Of course, that number is flexible.

The Raiders can either add or subtract draft picks via trade. They can also cut some players from the current roster. I expect that to happen, either just before the draft or just afterwards. Will there be a lot of roster trimming? It all depends on how many undrafted free agents the Raiders want to sign.

They will weigh those players against the players currently on the bottom of the roster.

Teams start to discuss deals with potential undrafted free agents late in the draft, so the Raiders will have some decisions to make.

Is this a huge problem? No, the Raiders know how many players they currently have. They’ve made plans. Now, they will adjust on a need-to-make basis when it comes to adding undrafted free agents.