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Raiders draft rumors: A Case for Amik Robertson

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The Louisiana Tech cornerback sure can play

DXL Frisco Bowl - Louisiana Tech v SMU
Amik Robertson
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A player I’ve had my eye in the mid-rounds is Louisiana Tech cornerback Amik Robertson.

He is considered a likely third-round pick but I can see him going higher. He has terrific film and teams are all over him ... yes, including the Raiders.

I can totally see the Raiders making a move on Robertson. First, I completely trust Mike Mayock as a pure draft evaluator and this kid can play. His perceived knocks are that he went as a smaller school and he is not a big corner. In fact, he is a small corner at just 5-foot-8, 187 pounds.

That doesn’t concern me. Yes, the ideal corner is long at around 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. But Robertson plays with the necessary toughness and confidence to make up for his slight stature. We’ve seen plenty of shorter cornerbacks excel. Darrell Green is one of the best cornerbacks ever to play and the Hall of Famer stands just 5-foot-9.

Robertson is a proven playmaker. I can see him become a starter and have success because the way he battles.

Last week, in a conference call with reporters, Raiders general manager Mike Mayock talked up all the Raiders’ young cornerbacks, especially Trayvon Mullen and Isaiah Johnson, who were both taken in last year’s draft. Maybe the Raiders feel like they don’t need to take a cornerback in the first round.

If Robertson is sitting there at No, 80, I can see the Raiders making a run at home. They’re clearly interested. Here are some Robertson highlights to check out: