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2-round Mock Draft: Trades, surprises that all make absolute perfect sense

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How Mike Mayock can land the Raiders three first rounders by trading back to the second round

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USC v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Well, I did it. I had the perfect draft. For two rounds at least. And not just for the Las Vegas Raiders — which I killed of course, adding three of their biggest first round targets while still finishing with two third round picks — but for a lot of these teams and players.

I even killed it in not killing it.

You want teams that will get an “F” grade? You got it here. Did you ever notice how many mock drafts are like “this is a good pick and this is a good pick and this is a good pick” and then after the draft go “well that was a bad pick and that was a bad pick and that’s what I said would happen so that was a good pick”?

You should mock the bad picks! I certainly did.

The first round explanation and how I made my choices can be read here. I’ll first just post the teams and names for the 2-round mock draft. I’ll then show my work, including how the Raiders came away with Isaiah Simmons, a corner they covet, a receiver they covet, and still two picks in the third round.

Here’s the draft without commentary:

1. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow, QB

2. Washington - Tua Tagovailoa, QB

3. Detroit Lions - Chase Young, DE

4. Atlanta Falcons - Tristan Wirfs, OL (TRADE)

5. Miami Dolphins - Andrew Thomas, OT

6. LA Chargers - Jeffrey Okudah, CB

7. Las Vegas Raiders - Isaiah Simmons, LB (TRADE)

8. Arizona Cardinals - Javon Kinlaw, DT

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jordan Love, QB

10. New England Patriots - Derrick Brown, DT (TRADE)

11. New York Jets - Henry Ruggs III, WR

12. Carolina Panthers - Jerry Jeudy, WR (trade)

13. Denver Broncos - CeeDee Lamb, WR (TRADE)

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mekhi Becton, OT

15. San Francisco 49ers - Cesar Ruiz, iOL (trade)

16. New York Giants - Jedrick Wills, OT (trade)

17. Dallas Cowboys - Kristian Fulton, CB

18. Miami Dolphins - Grant Delpit, S

19. Indianapolis Colts - K’Lavon Chaisson, DE (TRADE)

20. Jacksonville Jaguars - Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB

21. Philadelphia Eagles - Patrick Queen, LB

22. Minnesota Vikings - Isaiah Wilson, OT

23. Baltimore Ravens - Robert Hunt, iOL (TRADE)

24. New Orleans Saints - Jeff Gladney, CB

25. Minnesota Vikings - Justin Jefferson, WR

26. Miami Dolphins - D’Andre Swift, RB

27. New York Giants - Justin Herbert, QB (TRADE)

28. New England Patriots - C.J. Henderson, CB (trade)

29. Miami Dolphins - Kenneth Murray, LB (TRADE)

30. Green Bay Packers - K.J. Hamler, WR

31. New York Jets - A.J. Terrell, CB (TRADE)

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Antoine Winfield, S

33. Houston Texans (TRADE) - A.J. Epenesa, DE

34. Las Vegas Raiders (trade) - Jaylon Johnson, CB

35. Detroit Lions - Xavier McKinney, S

36. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Aiyuk, WR

37. LA Chargers - Josh Jones, OT

38. Carolina Panthers - Amik Robertson, CB

39. Tennessee Titans - Jonathan Taylor, RB

40. Cincinnati Bengals (trade) - Damien Lewis, iOL

41. Minnesota Vikings (TRADE) - Yetur Gross-Matos, DE

42. Jacksonville Jaguars - Ross Blacklock, DT

43. Baltimore Ravens (TRADE) - Trevon Diggs, CB

44. Los Angeles Rams (TRADE) - Ezra Cleveland, OT

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Denzel Mims, WR

46. Denver Broncos - Justin Madubuike, DT

47. New York Giants (trade) - Tee Higgins, WR

48. San Francisco 49ers (trade) - Jalen Reagor, WR

49. Pittsburgh Steelers - J.K. Dobbins, RB

50. Chicago Bears - Noah Igbinoghene, CB

51. Dallas Cowboys - Curtis Weaver, DE

52. Las Vegas Raiders (trade) - Laviska Shenault Jr, WR

53. Seattle Seahawks (trade) - Matt Hennessy, iOL

54. Buffalo Bills - Jeremy Chinn, S

55. Chicago Bears (trade) - Van Jefferson, WR

56. Miami Dolphins - Zack Baun, EDGE

57. LA Rams - Austin Jackson, OT

58. Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Dugger, S

59. Seattle Seahawks - Julian Okwara, EDGE

60. Baltimore Ravens - Josh Uche, EDGE

61. Tennessee Titans - Terrell Lewis, EDGE

62. Green Bay Packers, James Morgan, QB

63. Kansas City Chiefs - Michael Pittman Jr, WR

64. Seattle Seahawks - Bryce Hall, CB

Here’s How I Did Round Two

33. Cincinnati Bengals - TRADE!

The Bengals have a very boring draft with their original seven picks and while Burrow is a great number one pick, they have so many needs remaining. What about Burrow help? Well, I think they should try to add a day two pick by tempting a team that has been hungry for a player overnight. Cincinnati traded down from 42 just last year.

33. Houston Texans - A.J. Epenesa, DE

“Crazy Bill” isn’t anywhere near done making news with trades. This time he sends the Bengals picks 40 and 111 to move up for Epenesa, who he must feel is in danger of going off the board soon. Which signals to me that he would’ve gone in the third round.

34. Las Vegas Raiders (from IND) - Jaylon Johnson, CB

Given the way the board looks now, would you feel comfortable that you’re still going to get a really good receiver prospect at 44? The answer is obviously yes.

He’s said that he has a hunch the Raiders will draft him. Here Vegas manages to get Johnson at 34 when Mayock would have comfortably drafted him at 19. But he also gets to pick again in 10 picks. The defense would have now added: Isaiah Simmons, Jaylon Johnson, Cory Littleton, Nick Kwiatkowski, Maliek Collins, and Damarious Randall in the offseason. That’s Mayock’s dream, I think. Maybe he also dreams of CeeDee Lamb, I don’t know, but I don’t think anyone is mad at Simmons and Johnson.

35. Detroit Lions - Xavier McKinney, S

One of the major “fallers” of this draft, McKinney slides out of the first round and the Lions have an unbelievable start to many in getting Chase Young at three and McKinney at 35. If there was any way to get Chase Young that would alter so much for Detroit. It seems so unlikely but Young to the Lions would not be close to the biggest draft surprise of all-time.

36. Seattle Seahawks (trade) - TRADE!

I think Seattle will be okay with once again bunching up picks on day two and early on day three. They may also be one of the only teams okay with not picking in the top 50 and making a big trade down.

36. Philadelphia Eagles (from SEA) - Brandon Aiyuk, WR

They passed on a receiver for Patrick Queen in round one and they could wait in round two but this board has been pretty fortunate for them already. Receivers are falling a bit but maybe a run could start at any time. They send the Seahawks picks 53, 103, and a 2021 third round pick for pick 36, which they use on a receiver who has gotten more and more first round hype as the first round has drawn nearer.

37. LA Chargers - Josh Jones, OT

Jones is seen more and more as a first round pick but surprise, here he is at 37. The Chargers getting Jeffrey Okudah at six and Josh Jones at 40 seems good to me.

38. Carolina Panthers - Amik Robertson, CB

I love this pick. Why? Because this is a surprises mock draft and just like the real draft there are meant to be surprises. Nobody has Robertson going in the top 40, nobody has him over some of the corners who are still on the board. But what if one team does? The Panthers go all in on PFF’s highest graded college corner in the draft. Carolina’s draft is described as “strange” for draft Jerry Jeudy when they already signed Robby Anderson and for taking Robertson here instead of at least trading down. Rough start in the national media for Matt Rhule.

39. Tennessee Titans (trade) - Jonathan Taylor

Are you not surprised?!

Well, I don’t think you should be. The Titans drafted Derrick Henry 45th overall in 2016 six weeks after trading for DeMarcos Murray. They paid and played Murray for two years then switched to Henry. Now they have Henry on the franchise tag and if they were savvy about Murray’s future and wear/tear, then they must be savvy enough to realize that Henry plays the same position. And has been worked a lot. I worry for Henry’s next season and I could see a lot of value for a team that values good running backs as much as any team using an early pick on a back.

40. Cincinnati Bengals (from HOU) - Damien Lewis, iOL

They didn’t get what they wanted in the Billy Price pick two years ago, they take a player who may be considered a bit of a “reach” at 40.

41. Cleveland Browns - TRADE!

Browns trade pick 41 to the Minnesota Vikings for safety Anthony Harris, who they will sign to a four-year, $53 million deal. This is crazy and real news now!

41. Minnesota Vikings - Yetur Gross-Matos, DE

The Vikings would love to keep Harris, but they need two things: cap space and a replacement for Everson Griffen. Cleveland gets a really good safety after signing Karl Joseph and Andrew Sendejo — who lost his position to Harris in Minnesota — in the offseason. Win-Win-Matos.

42. Jacksonville Jaguars - Ross Blacklock, DT

After a “disastrous” first round, a pretty straightforward round two pick.

43. Chicago Bears - TRADE!

This can’t be too much of a surprise. Chicago has two second round picks but don’t pick again until 163. They didn’t pick in the first and I think they must trade down.

43. Baltimore Ravens - Trevon Diggs, CB

The Ravens sacrificed a third rounder to move up in the first for an offensive lineman, they give up picks 55, 129, 157 to move up for another Alabama cornerback.

44. Las Vegas Raiders (trade) - TRADE!

Another deal. Mike Mayock had to sacrifice two third round picks for Isaiah Simmons and he wants an opportunity to stay in this range and add another pick in this range. And look at all the receivers who are still left on the board!

44. Los Angeles Rams - Ezra Cleveland, OT

What a reasonable deal this would be. The Raiders want more picks back, the Rams see a chance to get a tackle who had a first round grade. The Rams send Mayock picks 52, 104, and 234 for 44. They now have an extra third and a seventh, which they didn’t have before.

Mayock has now turned picks 12, 81, and 91 into pick seven and turned pick 19 into picks 34, 52, 104, and 234.

45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Denzel Mims, WR

The Mims Slide not only ends, it becomes a hit dance party jam.

The Bucs didn’t sign Tom Brady to not insure the offense as much as possible and they really have nothing at receiver past the top two guys. They do have other pass catchers now obviously (ya heard the news) but Mims could be the A.J. Brown here.

46. Denver Broncos - Justin Madubuike, DT

It’s not the “need” pick, it’s just John Elway feeling he is doing what’s best. The Broncos got CeeDee Lamb already, now they have more defense.

47. NY Giants (from ATL) - Tee Higgins, WR

The Giants have now drafted Jedrick Wills, Justin Herbert, and Tee Higgins. Offense. The Dolphins got pick 50 for Josh Rosen, can the Giants get anything for Daniel Jones? Hell, would the Dolphins be interested with pick 56? The Packers with 62?

48. San Francisco 49ers (from NYJ) - Jalen Reagor, WR

The Niners add pick 68 and get a receiver at 48 that they would have taken at 31.

49. Pittsburgh Steelers - J.K. Dobbins, RB

They could feel fantastic about James Conner. They could also see Dobbins as the top running back in this draft and think it’s insane that he’s available at 49 and they run to the webcam.

50. Chicago Bears - Noah Igbinoghene, CB

Really just the name looks like it should be on the back of a Bears jersey to me. That’s all.

51. Dallas Cowboys - Curtis Weaver, EDGE

Seems a little early for Weaver, especially with Zack Baun and Terrell Lewis still on the board. Oh well, this mock isn’t meant to be by one single board. Like a normal draft wouldn’t.

52. Las Vegas Raiders (from LAR) - Laviska Shenault, WR

By trading down, Mayock lost out on Mims, Higgins, and Reagor. But he got Shenault, who for all intents and purposes is as good of a receiver prospect as anyone else in the second round. He could be the best receiver in the class eventually, as many of these guys could. It’s a good class, that’s the point. That’s why I feel it’s not crazy for Mayock to trade down multiple times to add picks, especially after using picks to move up for Simmons in round one. Here he could do all that and end the second round with:

Isaiah Simmons, Jaylon Johnson, and Laviska Shenault. If he did that, I would assume he had all three guys as first rounders. With his trades down, Mayock still has picks 104 and 234 left from his deals. The Raiders will next be on the board at 91 in the third round.

53. Seattle Seahawks (from PHI) - Matt Hennessy, C

When you get an opportunity to make the Seahawks trade down 26 spots and then draft a center way earlier than an expected, ya just gotta take it.

54. Buffalo Bills - Jeremy Chinn, S/LB

I mentioned in round one that the Bills will trade a fourth and a sixth for Leonard Fournette earlier in this real news story. So running back actually was filled. This does not look like a need pick for Buffalo and that’s what I love about it. They extended Jordan Poyer in the offseason but had a virtual meeting with Chinn. He’s a freak athlete and the Bills pick him to just find a spot for him and run with it.

55. Chicago Bears (from BAL) - Van Jefferson, WR

With a lot of intriguing receiver options still on the board, the Bears choose one of them.

56. Miami Dolphins - Zack Baun, EDGE

What a weekend this could be for the Dolphins. In my draft, they’d get Andrew Thomas, Grant Delpit, D’Andre Swift, Kenneth Murray, and Zack Baun.

57. LA Rams - Austin Jackson, OT

At first I was like, “Wait no, I can’t mock Jackson here because that would be a surprise” and then I remembered the concept of the mock and I immediately did it. Yes, the Rams just selected Ezra Cleveland earlier in the draft, but there’s always flexibility with offensive linemen. That includes right tackle Rob Havenstein, who has played guard before and could slide inside. Cleveland, who could potentially start at left guard, would be considered a steal at 44. Jackson, who is only 20 and may need time to develop, would be considered a steal at 57. With Andrew Whitworth at the age Andrew Whitworth is at, this isn’t a bad second round for the Rams. Just a surprise.

58. Minnesota Vikings - Kyle Duggar, S

Isaiah Wilson, Justin Jefferson, and Yetur Gross-Matos were the choices so far, while trading away Anthony Harris. That opened up a spot for Duggar, who met with the Vikings prior to the draft, among several other safeties in this range.

59. Seattle Seahawks - Julian Okwara, EDGE

I spent a long time thinking about a trade down scenario for Seattle again until I realized I had spent a long time doing that and instead just gave them an edge player. I am not sure if he’s rated low enough for the Seahawks to draft him, they’d probably prefer someone with a fifth round grade.

Added 99 and 103 in previous trades, as well as a 2021 third.

60. Baltimore Ravens - Josh Uche, EDGE

In addition to filling a need, “Uche” sounds like another one of those unusual-vowel names to go on a Ravens jersey.

61. Tennessee Titans - Terrell Lewis, EDGE

I haven’t seen a run on edges like this since (at some point I’ll have to think of a movie reference where a character runs along the edge of a building or some cliffs and then fill in this blank but if that didn’t happen then know that I forgot).

Added picks 70, 153, 251 earlier.

62. Green Bay Packers - James Morgan, QB

You wanna get nuts? I’ll get kooky with you. Morgan is probably going to get drafted on day three which is exactly why I’m mocking him here to the Packers at the end of round two. Yeah, I guess teams didn’t have Jalen Hurts as the fifth QB in this class. Now who knows where Hurts will go. Why are so many teams talking to James Morgan though? He became so popular during all the virtual meetings. Anyways, he’s probably not going to go this high which is why he’s going this high. But if he goes this high, I get credit first.

63. Kansas City Chiefs - Michael Pittman, WR

What! Wow, that’s interesting. Hmm. Well, it happened.

The Chiefs seem to be taking BPA, first selecting Winfield in round one and then going for a receiver in round two. But Pittman could have a first round grade with some teams and Kansas City has to cut or trade Sammy Watkins at some point.

64. Seattle Seahawks - Bryce Hall, CB

Seattle still holds picks 99, 101, and 103 coming up, but they could definitely trade down again. I keep them here because Bryce Hall might be one of the last guys on the board who fits the physical profile they want and because it would seem to be a little early for him.

Some overall team thoughts:

  • Dolphins get Andrew Thomas, Grant Delpit, D’Andre Swift, Kenneth Murray, Zack Baun, and no quarterback.
  • Raiders get Isaiah Simmons, Jaylon Johnson, Laviska Shenault without giving up all three of their third round picks and still having two third rounders.
  • Giants get Jedrick Wills, Justin Herbert, Tee Higgins, and they have an extra 2021 first rounder coming from Atlanta. Plus Daniel Jones would be a trade chip.
  • Seahawks pick three times near the end of the second round getting Matt Hennessy, Julian Okwara, and Bryce Hall.
  • The Patriots get Derrick Brown and C.J. Henderson, passing on any quarterback possibilities. Still on the board: Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts. Still on the trade market: Andy Dalton, Jacoby Brissett. Still on the market: Cam Newton, Jameis Winston. Teams who passed on a QB in this mock draft (NE, LAC, MIA) have options. They might not be good options, but they don’t have to feel rushed.
  • The Lions get Chase Young and Xavier McKinney.
  • The Browns traded their first round pick for Joe Thuney and their second round pick for Anthony Harris. They’re one of the only teams that can afford to do that.
  • The Vikings took Isaiah Wilson, Justin Jefferson, Yetur Gross-Matos, and Kyle Dugger.
  • 12 WRs, 10 CBs in the first two rounds.
  • 12 OL
  • I suspect more veteran trades happen. I see Yannick Ngakoue having a likelihood of happening. I see Matt Judon being someone that the Ravens would have a hard time paying. Same for Chris Jones. We know the relationship problem with Washington and Trent Williams and I tried to make a trade happen but then I mucked it up and couldn’t go back. I could only get my head wrapped around so much but I bet some first and/or second round picks are dealt on Thursday and Friday.