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Henry Ruggs III is getting paid to wear a bathrobe

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Raiders’ first-round draft pick is living the dream, Old Spice style

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Henry Ruggs III might have just rocked our all-time favorite NFL Draft look.

The Las Vegas Raiders selected Ruggs, a wide receiver from Alabama, with the 12th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, at which point the webcam set in his house showed him rocking a ... uhh ... bathrobe?

Yes, a bathrobe. Specifically a white Old Spice bathrobe.

Screw your fancy tailored suits. Bathrobes are officially the new style in football fashion especially during the virtual draft.

Like most things football-related, Ruggs’ fashion choice had a monetary reason. Per Darren Rovell, Ruggs was actually getting paid for the leisurewear, as Old Spice wanted to call attention to their six-figure draft-day donation to United Way.

We literally cannot think of anything in the world that is better than getting paid handsomely to wear a bathrobe, all while you’re watching your dream come to life. Kudos to Old Spice for their donation to United Way, as well.

Henry Ruggs III, you are winning at life. Welcome to the Raiders.