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The best NFL executives’ home setups from the 2020 Draft

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There were some good ones.

The first round of the NFL Draft gave us some memorable picks. With it being remote for the first time ever, we got to see the homes and draft rooms of a lot of NFL coaches and general managers. Those were just as, if not, more memorable than the picks themselves. Here were some of the best.

Kliff Kingsbury’s mansion

I don’t think there was a house that was more memorable that this. SBNation posted a great piece yesterday going more in-depth on his mansion in Arizona.

I heard someone said it looks like the house from the movie “Parasite.” You know what? It does.

Gus Malzahn’s epic wall

Though he isn’t working in the NFL, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn had to crack this list. He had a few of his players draft in the first round last night. Can we just talk about how epic this wall in his house is?

Jon Gruden’s boards?

This definitely put Twitter in a frenzy, when it appears Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden’s full draft boards were right behind him in the camera. Don’t worry; I tried my best to zoom in and I couldn’t read anything.

Bruce Arians being ... Bruce Arians

There’s nothing really special about this setup, but is this not exactly how you pictured Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians to be chilling on draft night?

John Elway with the ultimate flex

Total boss move here by John Elway having his Super Bowl trophies on full display.

Jerry Jones on his yacht

How does a billionaire spend his draft night? On his $250 million yacht of course!

Mike Zimmer scarring children for life

I’m just imagining how many kids turned to their parents while watching this and asked “Why are those animals on the wall?”

Surfs Up

I think seeing the surfboard could have given Tom Telesco’s location away. Nonetheless, it’s a damn cool prop. Also ... the moose in the Chargers jersey? Epic.

Andy Reid

The only thing that could have made this better was if Andy Reid was eating a cheeseburger. I mean c’mon, he wins for “best shirt of draft,” right?

The freeze?

Not exactly what is going on at Mike Vrabel’s house. Is that “The Freeze”? The guy who races fans at Atlanta Braves games? Is he supposed to be “Frozone” from the movie “The Incredibles?” There are too many questions here.