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2020 NFL Draft: Grading the dogs of Day 2

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Covering the most important - and fluffiest - news during the NFL draft

NFL: SEP 08 Titans at Browns

The 2020 NFL Draft is ongoing, and after the formalities of the first round, Friday’s Day 2 action saw coaches and executives loosen up a little bit and let more animals into their home war rooms.

Let’s keep it cute and rank the pets of the NFL Draft! Just to be clear, there are no losers in this list as every dog is a good dog.

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner

This doggo has those adorable worried eyes, but as long as the commissioner is gonna keep petting him, it’s all good. What’s that, Goodell stopped petting him to do the draft? Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Grade: A+

Duke Tobin, Bengals

With Tobin’s kids being older and little excited energy in the room, the family dog asked for some back scratches. The doggo was doing it for them, you see, not for any personal satisfaction.

Grade: A+

Mike Zimmer, Vikings

You probably notice the giant animals hung up on the wall first, but the tiny pupper in Zimmer’s hunting lodge absolutely does not take guff from anyone! This pint-sized powerhouse definitely rules the roost.

Grade: A+

Adam Gase, Jets

Listen, one of the kids is bouncing a fluffy dog on his lap in the rowdiest way. That pooch does not mind one little bit, all of the bright boxes are so interesting to glance at while being hugged bouncily.

Grade: A+

Mike Mayock, Raiders

The Raiders GM gave us just a quick peek at his dog, only the top of the head was visible. But from that alone, there’s total confidence that pup is a stud.

Grade: A+

Arthur Blank, Falcons

These dogs are great because they front as family guard dogs while also waiting for the picture to be snapped so they can run back to their toys offscreen. In other words, double trouble. In other words, get yourself dogs who can do both.

Grade: A+/A+

Bill Belichick, Patriots

Certainly the best set piece yet of the NFL Draft/dog show was the Patriots coach getting his husky to sit in his spot. You know what? The guy’s probably just the front man for this pup’s NFL Draft mastery. This is the new best conspiracy theory.

Grade: A+

Still on the board: Joe Judge, Giants

On Day 2, the big mystery was where Joe Judge’s dog is. The pup made headlines in the run up to the draft for her moral support of New York’s coach. Having said that, her support is clearly what is pushing Judge on, whether she’s onscreen or not.

Grade: A+