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Silver Minings: Raiders don’t get great consensus draft grades

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Many draft experts don’t give Las Vegas high grades

Ohio State v Michigan
Damon Arnette
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We know draft grades right after the draft don’t carry a ton of weight, as you need to see about three years of NFL play to get an accurate account of a draft class. Yet, we all do them and we all read them.

So, draft grades being assigned immediately after the process will live forever. To that point, this is a very cool chart.

It gives a look at several of the top draft experts on the internet and break them down. Check it out, it, be warned ... you won’t like it.

The Raiders’ composite grade is not great, in facts, Las Vegas has the fourth-lowest composite grade in the NFL based all the experts’ picks.

My thoughts: So what?

These grades are just entertainment. If the experts don’t love the Raiders’ draft class, who cares? The Raiders clearly love it. That’s what’s important.

We will find whether it’s good or bad in due time. The fact that there isn’t a lot of national excitement is worth noting, but it doesn’t mean much at all right now.

In other Raiders’ news links:

  • Power rankings: Yahoo has the Raiders ranked No. 24 in their post-draft NFL power rankings.
  • Raiders’ depth chart is changing: NBC Bay Area looks at how the Raiders’ depth chart has changed this offseason
  • Best and worst picks: Pro Football Focus thinks No. 12 pick overall Henry Ruggs III was the Raiders’ best pick and they think No 19 pick, cornerback Damon Arnette, was their worst pick.
  • Nick Saban speaks: Alabama Nick Saban talked to about Ruggs. In short, the coach is a big fan of the speedy receiver.
  • Oddsmakers like Raiders’ draft: The Las Vegas Review-Journal talks to oddsmakers, who are encouraged by what the Raiders have done this offseason.