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NFL Draft: Raiders trade value at No. 12

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Las Vegas has options with its first pick

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Jeff Okudah
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On Friday, we looked at the trade value, either trading up or down, of the No. 19 pick. We looked at that pick, because it’s more likely the Raiders would trade that choice rather than No. 12. The caliber of player drops pretty significantly from No. 12 to No. 19, so the Raiders will likely want to keep their top pick.

But, we are going to examine the value of this pick, because I got a lot of requests to do so.

Here goes:

This what it looks like when paired with No 19.

Move up without No. 19, but with a third-round pick
Range: No. 8-9.
If a defensive stud like Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons or Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah falls to that range, it would likely be worth the Raiders considering making this deal because of the great value. They could then take the best receiver available at No. 19. If one of the top three receivers, Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs III of Alabama and Cee Dee Lamb of Oklahoma, were still somehow available at No, 19, this would be a great haul. No one would be worried about a lost third-round pick, especially considering the Raiders have two other picks in the round. So, if the right player falls, this could be a great move.

Down from 12
Range: If it is in the 15-20 range, the Raiders could probably ask for third-round and fourth round picks. If the Raiders are confident they could get one of the top receivers in this scenario, they might want to do this type of trade. Having four third-round picks and two fourth-round picks, would help them get into the second round. If it is lower than No. 20 in the first round, the Raiders probably could get second and third-round picks. But would the Raiders want No. 19 to be their top pick? There’s a lot to consider here. It’s surely an exercise the Raiders’ brass will be considering in the coming weeks.