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Here’s a wild mock draft that will get Raiders busy in second round

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This mock features three trade downs

LSU v Alabama
Jerry Jeudy
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You know my thoughts on mocks. I don’t share every mock draft I see. However, when I something that sticks out, I like to share it and express my thoughts.

The latest SiriusXM NFL mock certainly qualifies. Check this wild scene out:

If this scenario becomes true life, the Raiders will be the story of the draft as they trade down three times in the first round.

The trade down with the Buccaneers to No. 12 to get Alabama receiver Jerry Jeudy would be brilliant. The Raiders would nab a top target and still get another value pick.

The trade down with New England from 19 would also be interesting.

The key to this all, to me, is the trade with Detroit. If the Raiders really could get No. 35 and No. 39 (Lions acquired this pick in a trade with Miami in this mock) for No. 23, it would be a huge steal. Remember, many NFL drafts analysts think there is little difference this year between the prospects spanning picks 17-35. The mocked deal with the Lions would be a steal.

It is possible? Anything is possible and it has been reported the Raiders are looking to get into the second round, so, yes, perhaps Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are ready to trade like crazy.

If it’s anything like this mock, the draft this going to be a wild ride as the Raiders add several more picks.