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Possible draft trade with Rams emerges for Raiders

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A clear path to second round opens up after Brandin Cooks is traded to Texans

NFL Combine - Day 1
Mike Mayock
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

As they gear up for the NFL draft two weeks from right now, the Las Vegas brass is spending time considering potential trade partners.

This year, with everyone working at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, having all their ducks in a row is paramount for teams. So, knowing which team might be a good trade partner is a homework exercise everyone is doing.

After executing a big trade Thursday afternoon, the Raiders should put the Rams on their radar as far as the second-round goes.

The Raiders are reportedly in the market for a second-round pick as they sent theirs to Chicago as part of the Khalil Mack trade.

On Thursday, the Rams acquired the No. 57 pick from Houston in a trade for receiver Brandin Cooks and the deal has to alert the Raiders’ trade Spidey senses. Just as the Raiders want to move up, the Rams might want to get more picks. The Rams have a lot of needs and the pick from the Texans is just their seventh, with their highest pick being No. 52.

The Raiders have what the Rams may want. If the Raiders offer the Rams their second and third third-round picks, No. 81 and No. 91, it could interest Los Angeles.

It would then give the Rams, who started this offseason with just five picks, No. 52 in the second round and No. 81, No. 84, No. 91 and No. 104 in the third round. That could be a pretty good flip of the Cooks’ trade. The Rams would then have the means to fill their needs and the ammo to trade up and down. They’d probably listen to the Raiders.

This deal would enable to Raiders to get into the second round and still have a third-round pick. Having four picks in the top 80 – 12, 19, 57 and 80 – would probably appeal to the Raiders as well.

There’s a lot of opportunity and moving parts in draft trades, but the pieces fit in this newly-developed trade possibility.