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Silver and Black Pride Q&A: Will Marcus Mariota challenge Derek Carr in 2020?

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And what should we expect from Lynn Bowden as a rookie?

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos
Derek Carr
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Thanks to all the great questions in our Raiders’ chat today.

Here are some of questions I highlighted:

SacRaider: Does Marcus Mariota start at some point for the Raiders next season? Starting in place of an injured Carr does not count.

BW: I don’t think so. We will see, but I think Carr will keep his job. He has never been in danger of losing his job during the season before. I know Mariota is a better backup than the Raiders have previously had, but I think Carr will play well with a better supporting cast. Mariota is here to rebuild himself more than to push Carr at this point.

LeftTurn: Having a disagreement with another poster. Hoping you can answer a question for me. Has Mayock ever been paid by an NFL team for player evaluations?

BW: He played briefly for the Steelers and the Giants in the early 1980s and he was a preseason broadcaster for the Eagles and the Vikings. But this is the first time he has ever worked in an NFL front office. Perhaps he has done some unreported consulting work, but this is his first real NFL gig.

AAAA54 asks about Damon Arnette’s reported character concern:

BW: There has been some talk that the corner from Ohio State has had some maturity issues. But I know character means a lot to Mayock, especially with the team moving to Las Vegas. You can’t have a roster full of choir boys, but character means a lot to this GM. Yes, Jon Gruden has the final call, but if Mayock is uncomfortable with a player, I think he would let it be known. If the Raiders thought Arnette was a potential problem player, I don’t think they’d take him. But that doesn’t guarantee anything in the future.

AAAA54: If you had to choose one of these two descriptions about Carr’s pocket presence over the past 3 years, would it be A. stands tall; B. skittish?

BW: I know you want me to pick one, but I’m going to say he has shown both traits at times. Am I’m taking the easy way out? Perhaps, but I think it’s the truth.

NJCCC: Do you think Raiders defense will be decent overall and early on, say by week 6 or mid year? Or by the end of the year?

If you guess, what would you guess for rank in points, yards, turnover creation, sacks and pressure numbers for the year for that defense?

BW: There will be 4-5 new starters, so it may take some time to find chemistry. I think we’ll know what we have in this defense by the 5th or 6th game. As far as rankings go, I think the goals and expectations should be in the 14-16 range across the board.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 Belk Bowl - Virginia Tech v Kentucky
Lynn Bowden
Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

OkieRaider: My question is about Lynn Bowden. I have been hearing him mentioned as a RB, I just don’t see this. Do you have any insight as to how the raiders plan on implementing Bowden into our offense?

BW: Mayock has made it clear they see Bowden as a running back first. But he will also play some Joker position as well. Basically, this kid is going to be a weapon with the ball in his hands and they will design plays to take advantage of his unique skills depending on the opponent. I think we will see his role increase and decrease depending on the defense and the situations. It will be fascinating to watch.

RAIDERTRON: Do you think Tanner Muse will start on defense and will Ruggs get 1,000 yards receiving as a rookie?

BW: Mayock has said the plan for Muse is to play on special teams and then work his way onto playing linebacker. So, initially I’d expect him to just play on special teams and be that ‘special teams War Daddy’ he promises to be as a rookie. As for Ruggs, it’s tough for receivers to come in and become superstars as rookies. I think, because the Raiders need to spread the ball around, Ruggs will be challenged to get 1,000 yards. But I see a bunch of explosive plays in his 2020 future.