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Silver Minings: Who is your favorite Raider of all time?

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Kansas City Chiefs vs Los Angeles Raiders

On Sunday, I posted an article asking for Raiders fans to share how they became fans of the team. Throughout different sites on social media, there were hundreds of fans who shared stories of how and why they became Raiders fans.

I thought we’d do something similar today, but instead, I’d like you to share with me who your favorite Raider player EVER is. What will make this an exciting piece will be seeing all the different players fans appreciate more than others.

Some of the greats in franchise history could be your favorite, or maybe some random player you have a personal connection to. The beauty of this will be do see all the different replies.

If you can, go in-depth as to why they’re your favorite player, and what it was about them that made them your personal hero in silver and black. Make sure to read comments from everyone else, and interact with them if you share a personal favorite, or whether you have contrasting opinions on that player.

This will be fun. Let’s kick this week off with a bang and some positive fun!

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