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Silver Minings: Raiders may get a break in Week 1

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Carolina Panthers might be catching up with new key figures

Carolina Panthers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Peter King took a dive into the Carolina Panthers in this strange NFL time.

NBC Sports’ football guru believes the Panthers are the most challenged NFL team in this world of virtual offseason because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Panthers have a new head coach (Matt Rhule), new offensive coordinator (Joe Brady), new defensive coordinator (Phil Snow) and new starting quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater). Because the team can’t get together this time of year, the Panthers newness at key spots could slow their development as a team.

NFL Combine - Day 1
Matt Rhule
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

This is where the Raiders come in — they open the season at Carolina on Week 1.

So, if the Panthers are still working out the kinks, the Raiders have an opportunity to open the season with a road win.

Of course, like every team, the Raiders are working virtually this offseason. But their coaching staff and quarterback are the same as last year, so they might be more comfortable than the Panthers in Week 1. Will it be a big factor? It might be a subtle advantage, but any advantage is a good one.

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