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Silver Minings: Derek Carr not bothered by Marcus Mariota signing

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“He’s one of the best people that I’ve ever been around,” Carr says of Las Vegas’ backup quarterback

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

You would think that bringing in a former No. 2 pick who has years of experience as a starter in the NFL would make Derek Carr a bit nervous for his starting job. It didn’t.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Carr opened up about a lot of things, such as his thoughts on the Raiders’ draft, the signing of Marcus Mariota and the offseason Tom Brady rumors.

When asked about the Raiders bringing in a backup quarterback, Carr said it didn’t bother him whatsoever.

“I gotta be honest with you, it doesn’t even bother me one bit,” he said. “And that is being completely true to myself. No one outside of who I am is going to push me harder than me. Like, I always encourage guys to go ahead and wake up when I wake up, study how much I study, work hard like I work hard. I’m not the least bit looking to my left or to my right when I’m doing a rep, I’m focused on me.”

The signing didn’t come as a surprise to Carr, as he said he knew that Mariota was on the Raiders’ radar. He said he’s glad that the former Heisman Trophy winner decided to sign with Las Vegas.

“I will say this, I’ve been around a lot of good dudes, but he’s one of the best people that I’ve ever been around.”