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Silver Minings: Sign us up for a Ken Stabler documentary

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Snake is an all-time NFL character

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Colts
Ken Stabler

The Michael Jordan Last Dance 30 for 30 ESPN documentary was a smashing success and next in the works is a Tom Brady nine-part series titled The Man in the Arena from director and die-hard Patriots fan, Gotham Chopra.

Sports Illustrated looked at NFL figures they’d like to see a documentary series made about and one of the choices was Oakland Raiders’ Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Ken “Snake” Stabler.

Hell yes! We’re in.

Snake was the face of the Raiders’ great roster of renegades in the 1970s. He was a fascinating figure dating back to his roots in rural Alabama and then became a star for Paul “Bear” Bryant’s Alabama Crimson Tide before joining the Raiders.

Ken Stabler On The Field Photo by Robert Riger/Getty Images

Stabler was a good time Charlie who is famous for saying he studied his playbook by the light of the bar jukebox. He partied hard and was of the most clutch players in NFL history.

Snake was my first favorite football player. I’d love to see something deeper produced on his life.

We do have something to watch about Stabler, at least. The NFL Network did a Football Life special on him after his death in 2015.

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