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What if these classic Raiders were Marvel characters?

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Snake, Ghost and Bo all come to the rescue

Super Bowl XI - Oakland Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings - January 9, 1977
Ken Stabler, Fred Biletnikoff

It is Marvel Week at SB Nation, with all of our sites embracing a connection to the team they cover and Marvel movies.

After a few minutes of thought, I realized it’s a perfect fit for this community and the Raiders’ legacy.

After all, the 1970s Oakland Raiders were a collection of great Marvel characters. The Mad Stork. Dr. Death. Tooz. Snake. The Assassin.

Geez, Marvel may have gotten some of its inspiration for characters from the Silver and Black.

Let’s examine:

Al Davis: The lone-wolf mastermind who played by his own rules.

Ken Stabler: “Snake,” the charming hero who slithers his way to victory just in the nick in time.

Fred Biletnikoff: The wily good guy who catches his enemy with his gooey stickum hands.

John Matuszak: The Tooz, ladies and gentleman. No one messes with the Tooz. Of course, he already has made movie history.

Ted Hendricks: The Mad Stork. The giant wrecks opposing cities with his 20-foot arms.

George Blanda: The man who won’t go away. He played until he was 48.

Otis Sistrunk: The Man from Mars. Who would fool with this guy?

Daryle Lamonica: The Mad Bomber gave way to Snake. But there’s always room for the Mad Bomber.

Jack Tatum: The Assassin. Approach at your own risk.

Dave Casper: The Ghost. The city of Baltimore is still stunned by his destruction.

Lester Hayes: The Judge. He made his own rules and stole football.

Skip Thomas: Dr Death. Need I say more?

Phil Villapiano: Foo is the smart, sneaky-fast hero who tackles the bad guy one at a time.

Jim Otto: Agent Double Zero. It all starts with him.

Lyle Alzado: He was a 1980s Raider. But no Raiders’ Marvel story would be complete without this villain.

Bo Jackson: The ultimate superhero who runs over The (Bad) Boz.