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Silver Minings: Raiders play 49ers in preseason again

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An old tradition renewed with the 2020 schedule

If you’re interested in UFC 249, watch the video above to learn about the story lines headed into the weekend and click here to subscribe to ESPN+.

Understandably, the release of the 2020 NFL preseason schedule was lost in the hoopla of the regular season schedule release.

Usually the preseason slate is announced weeks before the regular season schedule, but this year they were released together because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As NBC Bay Area points out, there is very interesting preseason game on the Raiders’ schedule. They are playing at the San Francisco 49ers in August (exact date TBD), which will mark the first time they’ve met in preseason since 2011.

The former Bay Area rivals used to play in the preseason every year. However, the series ended after there were several violent fights at Candlestick Park in San Francisco nine years ago.

The two teams and the NFL are hoping time and the fact that the Raiders left the Bay Area will mean there won’t be any issues. The teams have played twice in the regular season since 2011 and there wasn’t nearly the same fan violence.

Let’s hope for the best and that the preseason series becomes a tradition again.

In other Raiders’ links:

  • High praise for Darren Waller: Warren Sharp has Darren Waller listed as his sixth best tight end in the NFL. Considering the quality at the position and Waller’s personal struggles at the beginning of his career, this is a heck of testament to the player and to the Raiders for believing in him.
  • No interest in Clowney: ESPN reports the Raiders are not in on free-agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. That is not a shock. They don’t have the money and he’s not a great fit, anyway.
  • More Bryan Edwards love: The Raiders’ website talked to South Carolina coach Will Muschamp. He had high praise for Edwards, a receiver the Raiders took in the third round.
  • Damon Arnette is boon-or-bust prospect: The USA Today identifies Arnette as one of the top five players who can either be great or be bust. We shall see.
  • Speed kills: Our friends at Bolts From the Blue looks at the speed in the AFC West. The Raiders represent well.