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Silver Minings: Could we see players mic’d up in 2020?

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DeSean Jackson thinks it’d be a great idea

Arizona Cardinals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL season is months away, and there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. One of the biggest uncertainties is whether or not there will be fans in attendance for the games.

There have been rumors in which teams would consider using fake crowd noises. Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson shared his thoughts on how to potentially make the NFL more exciting for fans in 2020 should they be unable to attend games. While appearing on his teammate Lane Johnson’s Outside the Lane YouTube series, Jackson talked about whether or not the NFL would be open to attaching a microphone to every player on the field.

“It’s going to get crazy [without fans],” Jackson said. “I think they should [mic up players]. I think they should give fans insight to see what really goes on in between the white lines. It gets crazy. I know in the trenches it gets crazy, and I know on the outside it gets crazy too — the conversations we have going back and forth.”

“My feeling about playing in an empty stadium — I definitely can’t recall playing [in one]. I’ve never played in an empty stadium, honestly. Even in Pop Warner, I used to look in the stands and have fans, so it’s going to be a culture shock. ... I think, at the end of the day, we’re all professionals and we’ll all adapt to [having no fans present]. It’ll definitely be weird at first, but hopefully they can figure out an [alternative] to that.

What’re your thoughts on this? Would you like to see the players and coaches mic’d up if you’re unable to attend games this season?

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