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Silver Minings: How will the Raiders do in their first year in Las Vegas?

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A look at how teams have done when moving cities

Las Vegas Remains Closed As Memorial Day Weekend Approaches Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Raiders will be the ninth team to relocate during the Super Bowl era. Overall, there have been 16 franchises who have relocated to a new city over the course of the history of the NFL. This will be the third time that the Raiders have moved over the last 38 years.

CBS Sports posted an interesting article, going over the eight previous teams and how they did during their first year in a brand new city.

Los Angeles Chargers (2017), from San Diego

Record: 9-7

Los Angeles Rams (2016), from St. Louis

Record: 4-12

Tennessee Titans (1997), from Houston

Record: 8-8

Baltimore Ravens (1996), from Cleveland

Record: 4-12

St. Louis Rams (1995), from Los Angeles

Record: 7-9

Oakland Raiders (1995), from Los Angeles

Record: 9-7

Phoenix Cardinals (1988), from St. Louis

Record: 7-9

Indianapolis Colts (1984), from Baltimore

Record: 4-12

Los Angeles Raiders (1982), from Oakland

Record: 8-1

Kansas City Chiefs (1963), from Dallas

Record: 5-7-2

San Diego Chargers (1961), from Los Angeles

Record: 12-2

St. Louis Cardinals (1960), from Chicago

Record: 6-5-1

Los Angeles Rams (1946), from Cleveland

Record: 6-4-1

Washington Redskins (1937), from Boston

Record: 8-3

Detroit Lions (1934), from Portsmouth, Ohio

Record: 10-3

Chicago Bears (1921), from Decatur, Illinois

Record: 9-1-1

What are your predictions for the Raiders’ first season in Las Vegas? Do you think they’ll fare well in a new city, or do you think it’ll be too much for them to handle? How many wins do you expect the Raiders to have in 2020?


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