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Don’t expect a Raiders’ signing flurry anytime soon

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League currently has a signing embargo

NFL: NOV 24 Raiders at Jets
Raiders’ offense
Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Monday, we looked at some key developments facing NFL players as they prepare to play through the coronavirus pandemic.

But as further news came out, as noted by our friends at Turf Show Times, another major development occurred in the meeting. Teams are not currently allowed to sign free agents. It’s odd because the NFL allowed the heavy lifting of free agency to occur in March with the same pandemic guidelines we are facing now.

I talked to a couple of people who were on Monday’s conference call, and, let’s just say they’re confused. Both said they had no real idea why teams can’t sign players.

“No one knows anything,” said one of our anonymous sources.

The other said it was “not a positive call.”

While the MLB and the NBA are dealing with their own unique obstacles toward getting back to playing games, the NFL has, largely, been considered to be on solid ground as far as starting the 2020 season on time. But this meeting and these reactions show it may not necessarily be a smooth transition.

As far as signing players, the NFL can change course at any time. The Raiders, one of the busiest teams in the league this offseason, will closely monitor the signing embargo. I do accept the Raiders to make some additions when they can. The current plan is for the Raiders open training camp July 28 at their new facility in Henderson, Nevada.