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Silver Minings: Have you planned a weekend trip to see a Raiders game?

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Share your plans in the comments!

Oakland Raiders Announce Draft Picks At The Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

If you’re a die-hard fan of your team, you’ve likely travelled on the road to see your team play an away game. While there are a lot of great cities that have NFL teams with a lot of things to do to spend your weekend — none are quite like the city of Las Vegas.

The Raiders will be playing in Las Vegas for the first time this season, and it will be interesting to see what weekends in the city are like for a football game. Unless you live in Vegas, opposing fans and Raiders fans will be traveling to catch a game every weekend.

For those of you who have planned to catch a game this season, share in the comments what your plans are for the weekend! This will be a fun way to see what Raiders fans have planned, and potentially give other fans some suggestions on what they can potentially do when they come in for a game.

In the comments, share the following (whatever you’re comfortable with):

  • Hotel you’re staying at
  • Restaurants you plan on eating at
  • Shows you’re going to see
  • Fun things you’re going to do
  • Anything else!

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