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Silver Minings: Derek Carr was third-best QB under pressure last year

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2019 was one of the better seasons of Carr’s career

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Derek Carr has been subject to many rumors this offseason, including trade speculation as many thought the Raiders might draft his eventual replacement. None of that happened, and he looks primed for a breakout season in 2020 with the hopes of guiding the Raiders back to the playoffs.

According to, Carr was the third best quarterback under pressure in 2019. Not too bad. The two quarterbacks who were better were Ryan Tannehill and Drew Brees. Carr’s 103.7 passer rating under pressure sits one spot ahead of MVP Lamar Jackson, who had a 93.1 passer rating under pressure. In addition, his completion percentage of 66.7 under pressure was the best among quarterbacks who qualified.

If Carr can repeat on that next season, or even improve, he very well will be on his way to a Pro-Bowl type season, especially with the new weapons surrounding him in that offense. Carr targeted open receivers 56.9 percent of the time under pressure. According to the list, there wasn’t a quarterback who even came close to that number.

Carr’s season flew very under-the-radar last season, which actually might benefit him. Though expectations are always high, he won’t have “MVP-favorite” type expectations to live up to. As I mentioned, with a plethora of wide receiving options in 2020, Carr is poised to have a field day. Playing in a packed stadium in Las Vegas on a weekly basis is going to help, too.