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Raiders news: Rookie contract lull continues

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The entire Las Vegas draft class is still unsigned

DXL Frisco Bowl - Louisiana Tech v SMU
Amik Robertson
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are bringing their rookies to training camp as soon as next week. While nothing is set, there has been talk around the NFL that rookies will start training camp around July 23 with the hope all veterans start camp July 28.

With the arrival of the rookies looming, the Raiders have a lot to do on the business side of the equation as all seven members of Las Vegas’ 2020 draft class are unsigned.

No players can practice in training camp unless they are signed.

However, it is not just a Raiders’ issue when it comes to unsigned rookies. The vast majority of all 2020 draft picks are unsigned. The main reason, of course, is the coronavirus pandemic. Most teams want to give their rookies a physical before signing them and can’t meet in person for the time being. Remarkably, the Raiders have not met in person with their rookies since the April 23-25 draft as all team activities have been conducted virtually.

Expect the Raiders to start signing their rookies soon and don’t fret about it. The delay is more because of circumstances and not money — these rookies should be signed by the time training camp starts.